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Bossk .1 / .2 Reissue Vinyl from Holy Roar Records. Includes MP3 digital download in .zip format. Only 200 of the Cherry Cola / November Rain variant was pressed; 500 Green Thumb.

Releasing Audio Noir has been our ultimate focus since we reformed 4 years ago. We're all extremely proud of the record and the response has been overwhelming at the shows this past year. Our previous recordings however, some over 10 years old now, are ultimately the reason this band still exists today.

Creating & recording both .1 & .2 was very new and exciting for us. Essentially trying stuff with music we'd not in previous bands without any experience of playing shows outside the local area, or releasing anything. They're important to us and represent some of the most fun we've had as a band.

There has been high demand for the first record to be repressed for sometime and it feels right now that they be made available again. The original press of this was our first vinyl release, released by Garden Of Exile Records and was a huge milestone for us at the time.

A huge thanks to Magnus for breathing new life into these songs We have always been friends with the people at Holy Roar and what they have done for the underground UK music scene over the years is something that we have always supported, so for them to be releasing this feels right.

- Alex, Sam, Tom, Nick & Rob (Bossk)

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